Afternoon Energy Boost Chai Smoothie

  You know that point in the afternoon when everyone at work starts getting sleepy at their desks and the coffee maker in the break room gets its second workout of the day? As people try to caffeinate their way through the afternoon slump, it’s not uncommon for Jim from Accounting to nod off in…

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Carrot Cake Cupcakes from Everyday Good Thinking by @hamiltonbeach

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

With Easter right around the corner and daffodils blooming, it’s definitely carrot cake season. Nothing conjures the warmth and excitement of Spring quite like the traditional flavours of carrot cake, but this year, we decided to put a twist on the classic and make cupcakes. Upon further inspection, it seems odd to add healthy vegetables…

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How to Make Charoset for Passover Seder from Everyday Good Thinking by @hamiltonbeach

How to Make Charoset for Passover Seder

Charoset is one of the nine symbolic food elements of the traditional Passover Seder plate. It’s made of fruit and nuts and the texture ranges from that of a thick chutney to a paste. It’s traditionally eaten with matzah crackers and is named after an ancient city in the Hebrew bible. You might also find…

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Banana Stuffed French Toast from Everyday Good Thinking by @hamiltonbeach

Banana Stuffed French Toast

Nothing says it’s the weekend like a big brunch, especially if it’s something sweet you normally don’t (or can’t) eat on a rushed weekday morning. We love all kinds of brunch foods, from eggs benedict to buttermilk pancakes, but sometimes we start craving that delicious, caramelized crunch on the edge of good French toast. French…

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