You’ll Go Nuts for This Pistachio Cream Sauce

Swap out Nona’s red sauce (sorry Nona!) and try dressing up your pasta with this Pistachio cream sauce. It’s sweet, nutty and besides shelling the pistachios it’s super easy to make.  Of course, you can always enlist the help of a few friends or treat yourself to some pre-shelled nuts.  To gild the lily and make this dish even more delicious try using fresh pasta.

Pistachio Cream Sauce Ingredients:

1 cup Shelled Pistachios

1 cup Heavy Cream

1 cup Milk

½ cup shredded Parmesan cheese

¼ tsp Fresh ground nutmeg

1 tbsp Palm sugar (or white sugar)

Cherry or Grape tomatoes

Juice from half a lemon

Salt to taste

Fresh chopped Basil

Pro Tip: Double the recipe, it’s easy to freeze and use at a later time.



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  1. Chop your pistachios in your food processor and set aside 1/4 of a cup for later
  2. Add the dry ingredients to your food processor and blend
  3. Add your wet gradients and continue blending until smooth
  4. Move your cream sauce to a stove top pan and bring to a simmer adding in your freshly chopped basil
  5. Roast your tomatoes in a salamander grill or broil in your oven until roasted and the skins have popped.
  6. Stir your cream sauce and the set aside ¼ cup of crushed pistachios and tomatoes into your freshly cooked pasta
  7. Grate more Parmesan cheese on top and add a little bit of fresh basil and serve


You’ll Go Nuts for This Pistachio Cream Sauce

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