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Grilled Greens: Grilled Romaine Caesar

There are a few dishes that automatically come to mind when I’m meal planning in the summertime – burgers, kebabs, thick, juicy steaks. You know, the foods that – in my mind – should definitely have grill marks.   There really is nothing better than a hot burger that drops straight from the grill spatula…

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A Twist on a Classic: Spiralizer Cucumber Caprese Salad

Tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil is one of those perfect combinations for any time of year. Usually, I lightly dress my caprese with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and call it a day. The Test Kitchen wanted to put a (literal) twist on this classic dish using the 3-in-1 Electric Spiralizer. Using your spiralizer, spiralize…

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Spiralizer Citrusy Beet Salad

Incorporating beets is a great way to add a pop of color (and not to mention nutrients) to any dish. Spiralize them into ribbons and they are that much more beautiful. If you’re used to roasting or juicing beets, this salad is a great way to mix things up. Skip the sheet pan tonight and…

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Cooking on the Grill

It’s the perfect time of year for grilling.  Fire up the BBQ or indoor grill and make these deliciously easy (and healthy) grilling recipes that come together in no time for a quick weeknight meal or a tasty weekend lunch. Greek Burger with Cucumber salad We took a nod from the Greeks when creating this…

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Nicoise Salad with Grilled Tuna from Everyday Good Thinking by @hamiltonbeach

Nicoise Salad with Grilled Tuna

Nicoise salad is a French salad with tuna, hard boiled egg, green beans, potatoes, olives and other veggies served with a vinaigrette dressing. You can use fresh or canned tuna, but we think using a nicely grilled tuna steak to top the salad makes a world of difference – not just in presentation, but in…

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