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Nothing com-pears, nothing com-pears, to you. Are you singing yet? Prince said it first, but this fall we’re saying it again. With apples and pumpkins in the limelight this time of year, it’s easy to forget about pears. But don’t.


There are many different types of pears – from Asian, to Bartlett, to Comice. But Bartlett pears are most commonly found at the grocery store and are light green/yellow in color (their colour changes as they ripen). They’re slightly sweet and extremely juicy – and “pear-shaped” in every sense of the description.

We hope these three recipes will get your excited to incorporate pears into your menu this fall. Set aside the apples and the pumpkin puree for a day and prepear to fall in love with one of our favourite seasonal ingredients.

Pear & Brie Panini



Roaster Oven Pears with Pecans


Pear & Gorgonzola Naan Pizza