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Sous Vide Chicken and Asparagus with Brown Butter

I think we can all agree, there is nothing worse than dry, rubbery chicken. Whether you accidentally set the timer on the oven for 10 minutes too long or walk away from the stovetop, dried out chicken is never something you’re proud to put on the table.   Overcooking chicken is something that happens more…

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Grilled Salmon Recipes

Salmon, packed with omega-3’s and a good source of protein, along with other meaty filets like swordfish and mahi-mahi, are fantastic when infused with the flavorful char of a grill. It’s a great option when looking for a healthy protein to toss on the grates. Here are our three favourite grilled salmon recipes that the whole family…

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Time to Chill

                                The classic style of our drink mixers may take you back to the days of shakes and malts at the local soda fountain, but they make it easy to recreate the same frosty beverages at home. Mixing versatility is…

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